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Check this page periodically or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed on upcoming events and programs.   If you run a school, or are a part of a group or agency, and would like to host a program at your facility we would be happy work with you and to meet your needs. Please contact us at 201-310-6707 or email us at info@kapapacademy.com



A.R.M. Active Response Method of Self Defense 

Fight Back!Women's Self Defense Workshop 

Edge Weapons Defense Clinic (Shocknife)

Active Resistance/ Response to Active Shooter

Law Enforcement:

Counter Ambush For Patrol Officers  (May 16-17, 2016)

Officer Survival LE Training (May 18-19, 2016)

Firearms and Tactical Training 



KAPAP ACADEMY INSTRUCTOR L-1 Certification Program