Knife attack        


A knife attack is serious business. The internet is filled with books, DVDs and YouTube clips of people claiming to know the secrets of how to defeat an  armed attacker.

The problem is that in reality knife attack situation you don't get to "try again." Attempting to stop a knife attack is very dangerous business.


  • 24% of all serious injuries experienced by crime victims were from edged weapon attacks (only 13% were from firearms).
  • 569,990 edged weapon attacks occur in the United States each year (1,561 per day).
  • Number of people routinely carrying knives in North America has increased by 92% since 1980.
  • Every house in North America has some type of edged weapon.
  • Most popular improvised weapons in prisons are designed to cut or pierce.  



Biofeedback Tool
It uses a mild painless shock to Provide feedback when your technique needs correction. Save time, energy, and money by training more efficiently.

Stress Exposure Training
A real knife attack creates a feeling of panic causing your body to respond with the "fight or flight" syndrome. That same acute stress can now be created using the Shocknife.

Cut Location Indicator
The Shocknife delivers a powerful shock upon contact Allowing the trainee to recognize both WHERE and WHEN they were exposed during the attack. The shock will even arc through clothing! Unlike marking knives there is no messy marking compound to clean up after training.

Stress Inoculation Tool
True Stress Inoculation Training Involves exposure to a stressor. The Shocknife is the only training tool in the world that can truly claim the ability to Provide stress training.

Realistic Research
For the first time ever, the ability to create fear Shocknifes reponses will allow researchers the opportunity to simulate and study realistic edged weapon attacks.

This full day Knife defenses clinic will test your ability to survive various scenarios of edged weapons encounters realistically. You will gain the ability to asses your current knowledge, upgrade your skills and learn new realistic knife defenses that are tested under pressure.                                                                                     

Training with the Shocknife ensures most realistic edged weapon training ever.

Course presenters: Albert Timen is a veteran Law Enforcement, Military and Security Instructor with over 20 years of practical skills in various conflict zones. 

This clinic is open to everyone 18 Years old and above.

Hours: 9AM - 3:30PM 

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Price: $ 95.00

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