January 2015 Newsltter                                                  New Programs and Workshops!

​Since its establishment in 2005, a major objective of KAPAP ACADEMY LLC has been 
to provide education and training in the field of Personal Protection, Close Quarter Combatives, and Self Defense Instruction. Knowing how to properly apply athletic ability, fighting skills, and tactical thinking is animportant requirement for KAPAP ACADEMY instructors, but you will  also need to know how to teach others to do it.

KAPAP ACADEMY LLC Instructor certification program courses help you develop the additional knowledge, skills and techniques needed to organize and open an authorized school offering our world class courses, and workshops.  Instructor Certification Program 


Fight Back! Women's Self Defense Workshop


January 17 & Feb 14 in NYC

Our Women's Self Defense Seminar is designed to enable you to successfully protect yourself in case of an attack.

This is a streamlined version of KAPAP ACADEMY's Self Defense and Personal Protection program that includes the use of the tactical flashlight - a legally carried tool applicable for self defense use. 

You will potentially end the encounter faster because you now have an impact tool, force multiplier and a visual impairment device. 

Because of these reasons, you only need a down to earth, realistic, pragmatic and to the point program that will cover the essentials..

          A.R.M Active Response Method                                       
January 24 & Feb 28 in NYC   March 28th NJ 

Real violence can occur in almost any mondern-day scenario. It is fast, dynamic and chaotic. It is NOT what you see in the movies, or learn about in most martial arts classes.  Join us on our next workshop and receive a free T6 Tactical Flashlight.


  Officer Survival                                                                Law Enforcement Training


Two days Officer Survival training

Training topics include: 

The winning mind - Survival mindset, Braced contact - Weapon retention, Arrest and Control tactics - Single and Team, Edged Weapon Awareness and Defense, Low Light Drills, Fighting from Inferior Positions, Ground Escapes and combatives.

Contat us for full course details 

Hosted at Bergen County Law and Public Safety Institute


1. Hosting our courses is very simple. You may sponsor a class in your area. We offer combatives, self Defense and state-of-the-art gun shooting and tactics courses that can be taught in your area (with a proper gun range). Our goal is to provide the highest quality training possible. Our courses are scheduled for groups all over the USA as well as other countries.

2. Course Tailoring:  We can tailor make a course just for your group based on your requirements for Military, Law Enforcement, DOD, Private security or civilians. If you are interested in scheduling private group training, please contact us for further details.  info@kapapacademy.com 

 Israeli Tactical and Firearms Training